Surfing Research Unit



The Surfing Research Unit (NIS-Núcleo de Investigação em Surfing) is an research unit integrated in GITUR and is based in the ESTM (IPL-Polytechnic Institute of Leiria). The Surfing Research Unit (NIS) acts as a focal point for innovative, quality research in surf tourism and sustainability. Our research unit attempts to conduct, support and disseminate research, and functions as a think tank and informational resource for those involved in the surfing and beach tourism industry.

At the NIS, we work across disciplines, often supporting multi-disciplinary teams for researching, and outreach. Our collaborative approach, building partnerships with a variety of partners, both nationally and internationally, capitalizes on the intellectual wealth and institutional capacity that IPL can bring to the study and practice of sustainability in tourism.

Our philosophy is that all participants in the surfing and beach tourism experience can, together, protect the environmental health and socio-cultural distinctiveness of tourism destinations while contributing to economic vitality of the communities.


Our Vision, Our Mission


To be a leading voice in harnessing the potentialities of sustainability and surfing and beach tourism for the good of communities, and to provide advanced research and service to the surf tourism industry.


Seeking to engage with all stakeholders in the surfing and beach tourism industry to expand the definition of sustainable development and business success to include measurable, positive impact in their respective communities.

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