A day at elBulli: an insight into the ideas, methods and creativity of Ferran Adriá


“A Day at elBulli: An Insight into the Ideas, Methods, and Creativity of Ferran Adrià is an exclusive look behind the scenes at elBulli, the best restaurant in the world, and into the mind of Ferran Adrià, the most creative chef working today.

With 2,000,000 requests for reservations every year and only 8,000 places, it is notoriously difficult to get a table there. Now, for the first time, A Day at elBulli opens the doors to everyone and reveals the inner workings of the kitchen and the gastronomic innovations that have helped create the spectacular food. Illustrated with over 1,000 color photographs. the book includes recipes and inserted sections explaining the creative methods and food philosophy, the history of elBulli and the life of Ferran Adrià. A Day at ElBulli provides a fascinating insight into the rare and magical experience of eating at elBulli.”