Trial de acesso à plataforma de dados estatísticos Statista

Disponível para todos os membros da b-on até ao dia 3 de novembro de 2023.



Statista is one of the world’s largest statistics and market data platforms, popular because it fits today’s way of working so well. You can imagine a search engine that only reaches valid information from trusted sources, which’s scale and appearance you can customize in many cases and implement into your workflow with a few clicks. All content is displayed in a comprehensive manner and the platform allows for an intuitive navigation to focus on your research and nothing else. Statista enables access to more than 1.5 million statistics, forecasts, dossiers, reports and infographics and our own survey on 80,000 topics from more than 22,500 sources.


Informational Material:

1.Detailed information on Statista platform and all its tools – available here
PPT presentation with detailed information on Statista in general as well as Statista’s tools & content – available here

2.Statista Company Insights: Information on Statista’s Company Insights, a product included in the platform (Business information on 70m+ public and private companies) – available here

3.Statista Consumer Insights: Information on Statista’s Consumer Insights, a product included in the platform (Insights on consumer attitudes and behavior worldwide) – available here

4.Statista Market Insights: Information on Statista’s Market Insights, a product included in the platform (Market forecast and expert KPIs for 1000+ markets in 190+ countries & territories) – available here 


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Informamos ainda que estão agendadas 4 sessões de esclarecimento (em inglês). As sessões não necessitam de registo prévio e podem ser acedidas através dos links indicados:


Meeting ID: 318 869 900 555
Passcode: 3T2sHj


Meeting ID: 340 137 410 21
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Meeting ID: 369 091 975 883
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Meeting ID: 311 711 679 748
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