Anurag Venkat




Mestrado. Product Design Engineering

Ano de conclusão


My name is Anurag Ayyagari Venkat, originating from India and have pursued Masters in Product Design Engineering in the Institute Polytechnic of Leiria. My course started from February, 2014 and ended in January, 2016.

Portugal has always been an unexplored territory in terms of education and I was keen to know what is held up there. This was one of the factores which drove me to look for universities in Portugal. Another strong point was the low living expenses, as Portugal is one of the less costly countries of Europe to live. Considering the fact that I wanted to pursue Masters in fields of Mechanical Engineering, it was not a tough decision when it comes to choosing the university in Portugal as Polytechnic of Leiria has the best intent towards the Mechanical industries and research. Moreover, the establishment of over 300 moulding related industries near to the university further influenced my decision.

During the course of Master, I had lots of new experiences and I explored new things about myself. I would give credit to all the professors with whom I worked for trusting me and pushing me beyond the limits so that I could discover what I am capable of. I believe, the way of maintaining relationships and trying new things exist in the Portuguese culture as well as I feel that the people here are very helpful and have a strong bond among their community. I would say, whatever I am today it is because of the experiences I gained in my Master and what I learned from Portugal.

At this moment, I am working in a moulding industry in Portugal, named Moldetipo as a Project Leader and Reasearcher with CDRSP and University of Coimbra.