Centre for Digital Inclusion

Also known as CRID, our Centre for Digital Inclusion is recognised as an international role model for best practices of inclusive education. Our mission is to enable people with disabilities access to the internet and technology and, therefore, improve their social integration.

But our work surpasses Politécnico de Leiria’s walls.

We provide accessibility support services to the surrounding regional community and promote the inclusion and well-being of people with disabilities in all sectors of society.

Our goals

  • To improve the social integration of people with disabilities through digital accessibility
  • To test, evaluate, and then make recommendations on different digital resources and software for people with disabilities
  • To help the academic community and society using these accessible products
  • To develop new accessible digital resources or to improve and adapt existing ones, in collaboration with other areas of scientific knowledge.

Who can access our services:

  • Anyone with special educational needs and their relatives
  • Higher education institutions, schools and other education organisations
  • Anyone who works with students with special educational needs (teachers, speech and language therapists, etc).