R&D Structure

politécnico de leiria

R&D Structure

Politécnico de Leiria is a higher education institution deeply focused on Research, Development and Innovation (R&D+i), and committed to having a real positive impact on the economy and society both regionally and nationally.

We aim to develop R&D+i activities that are useful for the region of Leiria, but also relevant for the whole country, and with the potential to be used in an international context.

In addition to our research units, Politécnico de Leiria has three R&D+i units only focused on research projects: INDEA, CPVC and Projects Office.

R&D+i Ecosystem

Our five schools, 15 research units, and two scientific infrastructures are at the core of our R&D+I structure.
But we also count on other business and technological centres to help us increase our knowledge production.