Enrolment and Registration

Enrolment and Registration

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Annual registration renewal

Registration renewal deadlines 2024/2025*StartEnd
For all students who wish to continue studying in the academic year 2023/202416-08-202401-09-2024
For students who need to change curricular units after taking exams in the 2022/2023 Special Examination Period03-09-202430-09-2024
*Rules may differ according to the study programme.

Personal accident insurance

To be reimbursed from an accident resulting from academic activities, you must:

  1. Head towards the Academic Services of the campus you’re at, immediately after the accident, to report it and fill out the accident claim form.
  2. Request the doctor/healthcare professional to issue you a signed medical report, as well as other essential documents to the accident claim. They should be handed over to the Academic Services.
  3. Keep records of all your expenses receipts and prescriptions related to the accident (originals documents), preferably until all medical treatments have been completed, and hand them over to the Academic Services, together with your IBAN number proof document.

The reimbursement will be made by the insurance company, directly to the student’s bank account, at a later time.