mobility programmes


To promote a Europe of knowledge

To encourage the development of a Europe of knowledge at all levels of education and training.

To internationalise education

To contribute to internationalisation and excellence in education and training in the EU, driving creativity, innovation and a spirit of entrepreneurship, while promoting equality, social cohesion and active citizenship.

To support intelligent growth

To contribute to achieving intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth as set out in the 2020 Europe Strategy by developing pre-school education, decreasing school drop-out rates, improving professional training, boosting the number of university graduates in Europe and increasing the employability of young adults.


Erasmus Charter for Education 2021-2027

ERASMUS+ programme


Erasmus+ offers mobility and cooperation opportunities in:

  • Higher education
  • Vocational education and training
  • School education (including early childhood education and care)
  • Adult education
  • Youth
  • Sport

Detailed information on these opportunities, including eligibility criteria, is available in the Erasmus+ Programme Guide.

erasmus+ programme


The outcomes of Erasmus+ are available in reports and compendia of statistics, as well as through the Erasmus+ Projects Platform.

This includes most of the initiatives funded by the programme and a selection of good practices and success stories.