Research Centres and Units

politécnico de leiria R&D+i

Research Centres and Units

Politécnico de Leiria has 15 research units (three of them are non-profit of non-profit R&D association branches, and six other are external research centres branches).

Our R&D+I centres and unites create knowledge in four scientific themes and deliver practical and applied solutions to various different questions, ranging from social, economic, technological, environmental, tourism, health and well-being issues.

Social Sciences and Humanities

Exact sciences and enginneering

Natural and environmental sciences

life sciences and health

Social Sciences and Humanities

CARME . Center for Applied Research in Management and Economics

ESTG – Leiria

CARME contributes to regional development and innovation growth. It plays a central role in the co-creation of knowledge between higher education, social partners and industry, creating an inspiring environment for multidisciplinary research with an impact on companies and non-profit organizations, which results in a tremendous overall added value to society.

CICS.NOVA.IPLeiria . CICS.NOVA.IPLeiria – Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences

 [Politécnico de Leiria branch] ESECS – Leiria

CICS.NOVA promotes scientific research in the area of identity reconstruction from a personal, professional, social and cultural perspective. It creates products that can be applied to various areas such as heritage, tourism, social work, social education, communication and information.

It includes the Observatory of Inclusion and Accessibility in Action (iACT).

CI&DEI-IPLeiria . Center for Studies in Education and Innovation

 [Politécnico de Leiria branch] ESECS – Leiria

It develops research in education sciences. CI&DEI produces and increases knowledge of education current reality. It develops interventional strategies to improve education and training quality. It implements cooperation tactics with the community.

CIEQV-IPLeiria . Life Quality Research Center

 [Politécnico de Leiria branch] ESECS – Leiria

Transversally improve people’s life quality through production/promotion of adequate food, physical activity, education using innovative and applied technology and the analysis of the working population life quality.

CiTUR . Center for Tourism Research, Development and Innovation

ESTM – Peniche

Promote research and scientific dissemination, ongoing training and service provision in various fields connected with Tourism and related areas, from hotel management to the development of new concepts, products and tourism brands.

IJP-IPLeiria . Portucalense Institute for Legal Research

[Politécnico de Leiria branch] ESTG – Leiria

Conduct multidisciplinary research in the scope of Legal Sciences and Public Administration, advanced training and service provision, namely studies on current legal issues, issuing legal opinions and scientific update courses in Public and Private Law.

LIDA . Design and Arts Research Lab

ESAD.CR – Caldas da Rainha

Develop activities of artistic, scientific and technological research, experimental development and knowledge transfer, privileging transdisciplinarity in the areas of design, arts and cultural studies.

Exact Sciences and Enginneering

ADAI-IPLeiria .  Association for the Development of Industrial Aerodynamics

[Politécnico de Leiria delegation] ESTG – Leiria

Promote knowledge and scientific-technological development in automotive engineering in the areas of aerodynamics, thermodynamics, transfer and conservation of energy, environment and others, through research, advanced training and general services to the community.

CDRSP . Center for Rapid and Sustainable Product Development

Marinha Grande

Contribute to the scientific and technological advance that leads to more efficient and adequate products, materials and processes through the development of new technologies and methodologies based on strong technical and scientific bases. Provision of research services, advanced training and counseling in strategic areas is also a priority.

CIIC . Computer Science and Communication Research Center

ESTG – Leiria

Advance network research in the areas of Information and Communication Technologies. Promote technology transfer to industry through spin-off companies. Provide technical-scientific consulting services to private and public entities.

LSRE-LCM-IPLeiria . Laboratory of Separation and Reaction Engineering – Laboratory of Catalysis and Materials

 [Politécnico de Leiria branch] ESTG – Leiria

Develop technical and scientific knowledge of separation and reaction processes applied to environmental engineering (including modeling, simulation and process control). Develop sustainable industrial products and processes. Train PhD and postdoctoral researchers.

INESCC-IPLeiria . Institute for Systems Engineering and Computers at Coimbra

[Politécnico de Leiria delegation] ESTG – Leiria

Conduct technical-scientific research and knowledge transfer in Engineering and Management (operational research) to improve organizational performance and knowledge progress in a Systems Engineering approach (creatively combining theory and methodology, technical issues, and human factors).

IT-IPLeiria . Instituto de Telecomunicações

[Politécnico de Leiria branch] ESTG – Leiria

Enhance scientific knowledge and technology development in telecommunications. Train PhD and MSc researchers. Provide services to the community in the scope of telecommunications.

Natural and Environmental Sciences

MARE-IPLeiria . Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre

[Politécnico de Leiria branch] ESTM – Peniche

Create and apply knowledge associated with marine resources, in order to promote innovation in its use and management. Develop new products in the area of science and technology of the sea.

Life Sciences and Health

ciTechCare . Center for Innovative Care and Health Technology   

ESSLei – Leiria

Excel in the delivery of health technologies to support early diagnosis and intervention. Develop differentiating solutions to health improvement, disease prevention and problem-solving for users, caregivers and health professionals daily challenges.