student financial support


The scholarship is an annual cash benefit to co-participation the costs with the attendance of a course or the accomplishment of a professional traineeship on a mandatory basis, nonrefundable and given in the correspondent academic year, whenever the student does not have a suitable minium level of financial resources.

We are responsible to disclose the apllication deadlines to scholarship fixed by the general diretor of Higher Education, the tendering procedures for its attribution and the analysis of the applications of the Politécnico de Leiria students.

How to apply

Before applying, ensure you meet the elegibility requirements as defined in the Scholarship Regulation (PT).

You should apply online via the BeOn Platform (Portuguese). 

If you’re enrolled in a study programme at Politécnico de Leiria but have never applied to a scholarship, please request your credentials to apply.


If you’ve apply to one of our scholarship in the previous academic year, you can use the same user credentials to apply.

In case you’ve forgotten your credentials, request your password recovery at the Student Reserved Area or contact the Social Services.

FASE Scholarships 

The FASE® (Social Support Fund to the Student) is a social support measure developed by the Polytechnic of Leiria whitin its social responsability directed to the students.
Promoted by the Student Support Services, the FASE® intends to complement the existing support assistance, helping students who are in a situation of economic deprivation and commited to finish their courses. 

This program still intends to prevent the school drop-out and failure, facilitating the social and academic integration of the students giving them the chance to acquire and develop cross-cutting competences which promote employability and professional success. 

 FASE Scholarships Regulation – PT

Application Form – PT

For more information, contact our Social Services.