Management Information

politécnico de leiria

Management Information

Strategic Plan

In this document, we set goals, priorities, ambitions, and the route to achieving them. As the driving force of any strategy execution, it directs the efforts of everyone towards a common objective.

Activities Plans

Activities plans identify the calendar, the objectives, the strategy, the methodology, as well as the resources and budget needed. They result from a process that gathers all decision-making bodies.

Activities Reports

Activities reports verify what has been done over the previous year, considering what had been first established in the activities plan. They aim to validate the level of the activities plan execution, achievement of targets, and usage of resources.

Financial Reports

Financial reports contain the activities developed by each school and independent unit of Politécnico de Leiria. They provide us with a clear and objective image of our activities, property, and financial resources management.

Internal Management Guide

The Internal Management Guide contains the rules and procedures that must be adopted by Politécnico de Leiria when managing public resources, in accordance with the law and the present regulations.

Manual de Controlo Interno

Performance Evaluation and Accountability Board

The Performance Evaluation and Accountability Board uses government performance indicators to evaluate our services’ performance.

Fraud and Transparency Management Plan

The Fraud and Transparency Management Plan helps identify the risk of corruption and fraud in the institution, in line with the legislation and recommendations provided by the United Nations, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, and the Group of States against Corruption.

The Fraud and Transparency Management Council of Politécnico de Leiria promotes prestigious and rigorous management practices in the workplace. As an uninterrupted work, it involves identifying the risks and, consequently, implementing prevention measures.

As a public institution, this management instrument is essential to promote a collective responsibility consciousness and culture.

Apresentação PowerPoint do Plano de Gestão de Riscos 2014/2015 

Formulário – Declaração de Compromisso 

Fraud and Transparency Management Plan Performance Report

Final Report

Legal Statements

All documents are written in Portuguese.