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Arts and Culture in Leiria

Spend a day in Leiria and it rapidly becomes apparent just how much the region has to offer to students, young professionals, and families. Its industrial past transformed it into an ambitious, diverse and lively urban centre.

There are things to do every day. From music and theatre shows to historical sites, exhibitions, comedy shows, conferences, open discussions, book releases, you have plenty of cultural events in the region.

We believe that having creative hobbies as extracurricular activities can only improve your academic performance.

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Art is Everywhere

In Leiria, there’s always something to do or see. This is the place where you can even breathe creativity. Politécnico de Leiria’s School of Arts and Design is an international leader in arts teaching and promotes events and activities that have a positive impact on the region’s economy and people.

Museu de Leiria . Leiria

Museu José Malhoa . Caldas da Rainha

Museu da Cerâmica . Caldas da Rainha

Museu Nacional da Resistência e da Liberdade . Peniche

Museu do Vidro . Marinha Grande

Museu de Torres Vedras . Torres Vedras

Castelo de Leiria . Leiria

Mosteiro da Batalha . Batalha

Mosteiro de Alcobaça . Alcobaça

Fortaleza de Peniche . Peniche

Fortaleza de S. Vicente . Linhas de Torres

Livraria Arquivo . Leiria

Teatro José Lúcio . Leiria

Teatro Miguel Franco . Leiria

Espaço O Nariz . Leiria

Centro Cultural e de Congressos . Caldas da Rainha

Teatro Stephens . Marinha Grande

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