Baber Mirza




International Business

Year of Completion:


I was focusing on studying International Business in Europe and I came across Polytechnic of Leiria’s Master program and I actually liked the overall outlook of the curriculum therefore I applied in the program and got selected. One of the main factors contributing to my decision of studying in Portugal was also the affordable tuition fee for International students.

I very much enjoyed doing all the university projects I collaborated on with my classmates. I loved all the lectures of my Professors. Also due to the late arrival of my visa I began my classes at the end of November and I had to cover my semester curriculum in one and a half month… I also got a chance to do my Erasmus in Brussels and my coordinator was very accomodating all throughout that process.

The hospitality of the Portuguese people is amazing. The hospitality of Portuguese people and the people are very helpful, which I found very welcoming. The cold weather was a little surprising, as I didn’t expect Portugal to be this cold.

Polytechnic of Leiria Master degree in “International Business” has equipped me with skills to succeed in a professional environment. On a personal note, my growth was exponential as well. As a student in Portugal I learned to take care of myself and learned to manage and balance my chores, studies, finances and social life.

I expect the alumni network to provide networking opportunitie with other alumni.