Polytechnic of Leiria – Portugal: International Week 2022

Be Well on a Sustainable Environment

The Polytechnic of Leiria invites you to participate on the International Week that will take place from 9 – 13 May in Portugal.

This will be a thematic week that will also include an Open Staff Week on the theme of mental, physical, and emotional health. In this activity you will be able to attend workshops that will focus on promoting a true wellness culture among students, teachers and staff:

  • Exercise and Health: after all, how to get the best of both worlds?
  • Positive Mental Health Promoting Behaviors
  • Healthy Campus / Going out, “cleaning” in
  • The influence of a good spirit in our lives – B WELL, Active and Inclusive
  • Frisbee sports and the Spirit of the Game (SOTG)

Other sports and well-being activities will be added to the program according to the availability of the participants.

Beyond the Open Staff Week, the Polytechnic of Leiria intends to promote sectorial meetings between peers (international officers, professors, staff in general) and organize at same time cultural events, a networking fair, visits to our Faculties and Laboratories and some sightseeing tours to highlight the Institution and our region internationally. This event will definitely pinpoint once more the Polytechnic of Leiria as a promoter of global conversation, and as a builder of an exceptional international community.

As in previous editions, we hope to gather a diversified group of nationalities and representation from various categories of staff.

We remind you that European Union participants have the possibility to apply for ERASMUS + Staff Training mobility grants from their home institutions (participants are kindly requested to contact their home institution for STT funding, where possible).

This event is an excellent opportunity to network in campus and discover future opportunities for further projects, research and more ways to keep connected!

Looking forward to meeting you in person in sunny Leiria!


» Registration Form: Here

» Registration Fee for Open Staff Week (number of registrations are limited): Includes all the thematic workshops about health and wellbeing and the possibility to attend to the general activities of the international week: 80 Euros

» Registration Fee for International Week (doesn’t include the workshops of the Open Staff Week): Visits and activities on faculties, networking fair, sightseeing tours: 50 Euros

» Deadline for Applications: 31st of March, 2022

CONTACT PERSON: Mrs. Ana Cecília Boa-Ventura (ana.boaventura@ipleiria.pt) | International Cooperation and Mobility Office