An institution at the center of the world!

Portugal can choose between being at Europe’s periphery or at its center. At IPLeiria we choose to be at the center of the world. The internationalization strategy that we follow has turned us into a multicultural Polytechnic, with students coming from all over the world – from America to Asia, from Europe to Africa – and cooperation agreements in all the continents.

IPLeiria’s Internacionalization

IPLeiria’s internationalization means the possibility of making friends while studying in Higher Education institutions all over the world, whether through mobility programs, the most known being ERASMUS +, whether through mutual agreements between institutions. Not only will you be culturally richer but you will also have the chance to live a unique experience of scientific and pedagogical training, which will be a competitive element in your professional curriculum and future.

IPLeiria’s internationalization has been fostered through:

  1. the promotion of IPL’s training offer to international students;
  2. the promotion of mobility programs with students as well as with teaching and administrative personnel;
  3. the development of cooperation projects;
  4. the participation in international networks;
  5. the promotion of joint research projects.

Mapa parcerias do IPLeiria

International Cooperation and Mobility Office

The International Cooperation and Mobility Office (Gabinete de Mobilidade e Cooperação Internacional – GMCI) is a coordinating, supervision and support structure to all of IPLeiria’s initiatives of internationalization. The roles of GMCI are:

  1. To coordinate and support IPLeiria’s endeavors in the internationalization of education, cooperation and academic mobility.
  2. To establish contacts with several international institutions within GMCI’s scope, aiming at the establishment / reinforcement of partnerships, as well as the establishment of new cooperation agreements;
  3. To promote. support, implement and supervise the mobility of IPLeiria and international students, teachers and administrative staff;
  4. To promote and manage de processes of application to international mobility, including scholarships;
  5. To develop promotional activities, while acting as an up-to-date information center in academic cooperation and academic mobility;
  6. To act as the link for both networking and information with partner universities, companies and international networks.


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International Networks

In the frame of its internationalization strategy, IPLeiria is an associated member of multiple international networks and organizations, some of the most important are: