Hemeswar Narayanaswamy




Mestrado. Product Design Engineering

Ano de conclusão


My name is Hemeswar Narayanaswamy and I’m from India. I attended a Master of Product Design Engineering, in ESTG, which started in 2015 and finished in 2018.

I’ve always been interested in new products and I wanted to have a varied base of knowledge. Since I had already finished my Engineering in Electronics degree and got a diploma in Automation and Robotics, naturally the next step was to gain knowledge on product development and its factors. I was looking for a course in Europe that could help me achieve my vision and I found the Master of Product Design and Development, which was an interesting course and Politécnico de Leiria was a good choice. That is how I made it to Portugal.

My time at Politécnico de Leiria was nothing short of excitement with learning new processes and the latest technologies associated with the course. The classes were intuitive and very informative. The professors made sure they were always available to help us. And I also made really good friends too.

Initially, when I reached Portugal, it took me some time to adjust and some efforts to understand the culture, and adapt to it. It is very important to try to adapt to the culture of the place we are staying in. The Portuguese are very warm-hearted people and the country is so beautiful with a great coastline and lots of history and awesome cuisine. And, once I learnt the language, I realized that Portuguese people like when a person from abroad makes efforts to talk in their language.
I am presently working as a Designer for Molds in GECO, which is one of the top companies in the country. It’s been two years since I started in this company and I like every bit of the work environment and experience. Also, I am actively trying to learn the process of Additive Manufacturing since I’m hopeful that it has a big future.

Politécnico de Leiria has been of great value in my life, both personally and professionally. This experience will help me in so many ways all my life. Politécnico de Leiria is a great platform for people to excel in their lives.

IPLeiria’s alumni network is such a great idea as an initiative with a big network of people, who can stay connected and help each other with knowledge and information.