Polytechnic of Leiria 2019 R&D+i awards

Polytechnic of Leiria 2019 R&D+i awards

Because it is important not only to award the prizes but also to recognize our most productive Research Units (RU) and researchers, we present the top 5 of the + science and + growth awards, for RU, and the top 10 of the awards + international scientific publication, for researchers, for each of the four scientific areas of our Institution.

Congratulations to the winners and a huge appreciation to all Researchers and Research Units for the Research, Development and Innovation they undertake in our Institution!

Following dispatch n. 239-2019, we hereby present the final results for the R&D+i Polytechnic of Leiria 2019 awards, after application of the defined in the respective regulation.

Top 5. RU awards

+ Science

RankResearch UnitScore
1st placeCDRSP1,5396
2nd placeIT – IPLeiria1,0413
3rd placeMARE – IPLeiria0,5218
4th placeCIIC0,3087
5th placeCARME0,2419

+ Growth

RankResearch UnitScore
1st placeADAI-IPLeiria330%
2nd placeCiTUR-Leiria115%
3rd placeCIIC108%
4th placeINESCC-IPLeiria56%
5th placeCDRSP12%

Top 10. + International Scientific Publication awards

Exact Sciences and Engineering

1st placeRodrigues H21,0737
2nd placeCaldeirinha RFS7,5028
3rd placePereira RF6,9760
4th placeFernandes TR6,8333
5th placeLeal RM4,1560
6th placeAlves N3,9480
7th placeGaspar F3,6475
8th placeValtchev SS3,2760
9th placeFerreira D3,1630
10th placePereira A3,0198

Natural and Environmental Sciences

1st placeLemos MFL11,8600
2nd placeNovais SC9,9460
3rd placeSilva CSE3,9005
4th placeMarques SC3,6310
5th placeSimões T3,5025
6th placeGranada L3,1850
7th placeLeandro S1,6010
Pedrosa R*1,4913
8th placePinteus S*1,4913
9th placeÁguas A1,4838
Maranhão P^1,3520
Caramalho M^1,3520
10th placeRodrigues MJ^1,3520
*^ – ex-aequo

Social Sciences and Humanities

1st placeAleixo AM2,0250
2nd placeRibeiro N1,9670
3rd placeEugénio T1,6200
4th placeDaubney M1,0480
5th placeFilipe R0,6440
6th placeVargas de Sousa Santos RF0,6150
7th placeMartinho R0,5570
8th placeRebelo CFC0,3194
9th placeMendes S*0,2555
Carvalho MJPJ*0,2555
Ezequiel GMG*0,2555
10th placeSilva P0,1173
* – ex-aequo

Health and Life Sciences

1st placeMorouço PG6,2108
2nd placeDias SS5,9133
3rd placeGuarino MP5,5085
4th placePedrosa R4,6228
5th placePinteus S3,1393
6th placeSilva J2,9720
7th placeÂngelo DF2,7400
8th placeAlves C2,4272
9th placeGaspar H2,3548
Alves N*2,1920
10th placeMoura C*2,1920
* – ex-aequo