Srinivas Singadi


Computer Engineering ESTG



Year of Completion:


Studying at Polytechnic Institute od Leiria, specifically at ESTG, has helped me to overcome many barriers, not only in terms of knowledge, but also in the process of personal growth itself. What I find challenging is managing new opportunities and learning from the top-quality experts. I wanted to fulfill my professional knowledge and that was the main reason for choosing Polytechinc Institute of Leiria.

After landing, the new tradition, new culture and having to learn the dominant and vigorous local language definely made a strong and memorable impact on my life. Moving to this country was a jorney into the unknown. My past experiences and accumulated skills helped me to concentrate on my new learning opportunities. Computer Engineering may simply be defined as a problem solving in the currente world. Polytechnic Institute of Leiria has bought importante values that I seek to follow both professionally and personally.

Polytechnic of Leiria has a very high quality of teaching in the field of computer science with a great emphasis on the practical part – not detracting from the theory – that is extremely valuable in the labour market, as I can see now.

I hope that being part of the Alumni Network means that I will never lose the close relationship I have with the Institute and I will have the opportunity to share my experiences, as a way to return everything that was cultivated in the School, and opportunities that were given at a professional level.