Course Type:
Master’s Programme

Programme Introduction

The programme aims to provide physiotherapy graduates with specialized professional skills that allow them to work inpediatric physiotherapy or physiotherapy exercise prescription in different neuromusculoskeletal andcardiorespiratory conditions and also in the promotion and protection of the health of clients and specific populationgroups.
This master offers the opportunity for students to deepen their knowledge and understanding, clinical skills, anddevelop a critical understanding of the scientific basis of physical therapy intervention and the possibility to implementevidence-based practice, considering its effectiveness and benefit.
It also provides the opportunity for students to develop their clinical skills in Pediatric Physiotherapy orPhysiotherapeutic Exercise Prescription in various clinical conditions, critically assess existing knowledge, andcontribute to the research carried out in these clinical areas.

Programme Coordinator

Maria António Ferreira de Castro








4 Semesters


General and International student contingent: 40

  • Branch Pediatric Physiotherapy: 20
  • Branch Physiotherapy Exercise Prescription: 20


Edital 2024 (PT Doc)

DGES certification

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The general objective of the Master’s in Physiotherapy is to in-depth qualify students for the assessment and intervention in Pediatric Physiotherapy or the Physiotherapeutic Exercise Prescription to promote the autonomous, responsible and independent professional practice of Physiotherapy at all levels of intervention in care with a broad,global view based on the best available evidence. The skills and abilities to plan, evaluate and implement the intervention in Physiotherapy are enhanced, as well as the communication of the conclusions, knowledge and reasoning underlying them, clearly and unambiguously.
The training falls within level 7 of the European qualifications framework, allowing the international movement of graduates.

Study Plan

ECTS: 120

Entry Requirements

People who can apply to the Master’s Degree:

  1. Holders of an undergraduate degree or a legal equivalent in Physiotherapy;
  2. Holders of a foreign higher education diploma, granted after a first cycle of studies, under the principles of the Bologna Process, by a State, which has subscribed this Process, in Physiotherapy;
  3. Holders of a foreign higher education diploma that is recognized as meeting the objectives of an undergraduate degree by the Technical and Scientific Council of the School;
  4. Holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum in Physiotherapy, that is recognized as certifying the skills to attend this cycle of studies by the Technical and Scientific Council of the School
  5. Students who are in the process of completing a degree course in physiotherapy and who state this fact in their application).


State: Accredited
Number of years of accreditation: 6
Publication date: 19/05/2022

A3ES Acceditation

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Application Fee


Enrolment Fee

General contingent: 50 €
International student contingent: 100€

Tuition Fee

General contingent: 1140€
International student contingen: 3000€