Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Course Type:
Bachelor’s Programme

Programme Introduction

The aim of the undergraduate course is to train professionals with highly qualified scientific, technical, ethical and professional levels, in the various areas of civil engineering intervention, with the ability to apply high level knowledge. To reach this goal, skills are developed to enable these professionals to design, plan, implement and manage projects in the areas of structures, buildings, water and environment, planning and transport. In addition the following capacities are also developed: use of modern information technology in implementing the various functions that make up the civil engineering professional activities; act in diverse workplaces such as consulting, design, construction companies and construction services, building inspection, planning and transport, management water resources and environment, both government entities and private companies.

The Polytechnic of Leiria is the first Institute in Portugal to be granted the EUR-ACE® label at the bachelor level in Civil Engineering recognized by ENAEE (European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education). The accreditation extended to Master in Civil Engineering as well recognizing quality in Civil Engineering programs at School of Technology and Management of Leiria’s Polytechnic. The distinction confirms education quality in these particular field of study placing these programs among the best European universities and polytechnics.

Programme Coordinator

Ricardo José Leal Duarte








Morning & Afternoon


6 Semesters


General contingent: 25
International student contingent: 15

DGES certification

Study Plan

ECTS: 180

Entry Requirements

Provas de ingresso
(07) Física e Química
(16) Matemática
Consulte a Deliberação, fixada para cada ano letivo, que estabelece a correspondência entre os exames nacionais do ensino secundário e as provas de ingresso no Portal da Direção-Geral do Ensino Superior.

Preferência regional

Área de influência: Aveiro, Castelo Branco, Coimbra, Leiria, Lisboa e Santarém.
Vagas: 30%

Outros acessos preferenciais
Cursos com acesso preferencial: 080, 081, 580, 602, 604, 608, 670, 709, 711, 715, 718, 732, 748, 756, 766, 773, 779, 790, 811, 814, 975, 982, A30, A32, A50, A51, A71, A79, G32, G40, G41, G52, G60, G63, G77, G80, G81, H32, H41, H52, H66, H67, P25, P29, P35, P36, P47, P55, P58, P67, P70, P74, P78, P85, P98, R11, R35, R53, R59, R61, R64, R68, R69, R88, R91, R98, S06, S22, S26, S38, s41, S44, S47, S48, S68, S71, S80, T11, T27, U18, U20, U24, U37
Vagas: 10%

Estudante internacional
Todas as informações relacionadas com a candidatura do Estudante Internacional ao Politécnico de Leiria devem ser consultadas na  página de Candidaturas de Estudantes Internacionais.


State: Accredited
Number of years of accreditation: 6
Publication Date: 07-03-2019
A3ES Accreditation
A3S Self-assessment Report

International Accreditation: EUR-ACE® Quality Label


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Enrolment Fee

General contingent 0€
International student contingent 500€

Tuition Fee

General contingent 697 €
International student contingent 3000€

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