International Students Scholarships

International Students Scholarships

Politécnico de Leiria is committed to ensuring every student is motivated. We want you to focus on your studies without having to worry about financial issues.

That’s why we offer you a set of different scholarships that can help you have the best student life experience.

What types of scholarships are available?

You can apply to:

  • Merit Awards
  • Incentives for Development Cooperation
  • AUIP Scholarship Programme

Merit Awards 


A Merit Award is a financial award that Politécnico de Leiria gives to international students based on academic records meaning that students will only have to pay 50% of their tuition fees.


In the first phase of applications and after the selection process, the Merit Award is given in descending order to those who present an application classification equal or greater than 14 (on a scale from 0 to 20) and who have applied using the form.

Conditions for granting

Students who beneficiate from a Merit Award should perform the enrolment and pay for the first part of the tuition fees in accordance with the deadlines defined. If the student does not enrol loses the right to the Merit Award and the grant will be awarded to the next applicant on the list.

Documents needed

  • Completed application form.
  • Application to bachelor’s programme TeSP | You must submit certified academic transcripts with final GPA;
  • Application to master’s programme | You must submit certified academic transcripts of your bachelor with final GPA;

Number of scholarships available

For each program is set a number of scholarships to be given accordingly to the table below. 

How can I apply?

You need to submit an application form by the end of the first phase.

ESECSNumber of awards
Primary Education2
Human Relations and Organisational Communication2
Human Relations and Organisational Communication (EaD)2
Social Education2
Communication and Media2
Social Work2
Sports and Well-Being2
Applied Portuguese Language2
Translation and Interpretation Portuguese/Chinese – Chinese/Portuguese1
ESTGNumber of awards
Public Administration2
Accountancy and Finance2
Automotive Engineering2
Civil Engineering 2
Electrical and Computer Engineering2
Energy and Environmental Engineering2
Industrial Engineering and Management2
Computer Engineering2
Mechanical Engineering2
Games and Multimedia1
ESAD.CRNumber of awards
Product Design – Ceramic and Glass2
Artes Plásticas2
Interior and Spatial Design2
Graphic Design and Multimedia Design2
Industrial Design2
Cultural Programming and Production2
Som e Imagem2
ESTMNumber of awards
Tourism and Recreation2
Events Management2
Marketing for Tourism2
Engenharia Alimentar2
Tourism and Hotel Management2
Restaurant and Catering Management2
Marine Biology and Biotechnology2
ESSLeiNumber of awards
Dietetics and Nutrition1
Speech Therapy2
Occupational Therapy2

For each programme of Master’s studies, there will be  2 Merit Awards available.

For each TeSP, there will be 2 Merit Awards available.

Incentives for Development Cooperation


Incentive for Development Cooperation is a financial scholarship that Politécnico de Leiria gives to international students meaning that students will only have to pay 50% of tuition fees and the exemption from payment of enrolment fee, maintaining this incentive throughout the programme.

Who can apply?

Incentive for Development Cooperation may be awarded to students from Portuguese-speaking countries in a situation of continuing studies (different cycles) at Politécnico de Leiria or have submitted applications under a specific collaboration agreement.

AUIP Scholarship Programme


The AUIP Scholarship Programme is destined for students coming from associated institutions. There are 12 scholarships that cover 50% of master tuition fees as well as enrolment fee exemption for international students. This incentive will continue throughout the course of the study programme.

How can I apply for a scholarship?

More information available on the website of Asociación Universitaria Iberoamericana de Postgrado.