Marine Biology

Marine Biology

Course Type:
Bachelor’s Programme

Programme Content

New title of the bachelor’s programme in Marine Biology and Biotechnology, from 2022/2023.

Programme Introduction

The Bachelor’s Programme in Marine Biology aims for training professionals with a solid preparation in the fundamental areas of Marine Biology, using a dynamic teaching/learning methodology, supported by a strong practical training component. This programme provides technicalscientific skills that enable an active contribution to the sustainable management of marine biological resources, namely through activities related to Marine Biology, Aquaculture, Fisheries and Environmental Conservation; provide graduates in Marine Biology with important modern tools in the field of biology. The Marine Biology programme intends to train technicians capable of collaborating with companies and institutions related to fishing, aquaculture, marine biotechnology, food technology, nature tourism and ecotourism and environmental consultancy, as well as to pursue a specialization in terms of cycles more advanced studies (MSc. and PhD.).

Programme Coordinator

Paulo Jorge de Sousa Maranhão   








Morning & Afternoon


6 semesters


General contingent: 48
International student contingent: 8

DGES certification


  1. Acquire knowledge and ability to identify, explain and relate concepts in the various areas of Marine Biology;
  2. Understand the basic biological phenomena that influence marine ecological processes and their implications for conservation strategies;
  3. Solve with rigor, efficiency and creativity problems within the scope of Marine Biology, building and supporting the argument itself;
  4. Acquire skills that allow analyzing data quantitatively;
  5. Acquire skills that allow communicating information, ideas, problems and solutions to diverse audiences;
  6. Apply the fundamentals of Marine Biology in solving concrete problems and current challenges, in the different aspects of Biology;
  7. Acquire integration skills and teamwork;
  8. Acquire values that lead to a responsible and ethical professional attitude.

Study Plan

ECTS: 180

Entry Requirements

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State: Accredited
Numer of years os Accreditation: 6
Date of Publication: 03/06/2022
A3ES Accreditation

Application Fee


Enrolment Fee

Contingente geral: 30€
Contingente internacional: 100€

Tuition Fee

Contingente geral: 697 €
Contingente internacional: 3000€

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