We are focused on you! 

At Polytechnic of Leiria, we care about the inclusion of all students equitably. Your success is our success.

:: Tips for new students ::

  • As our student, you have an email account (number_of_student@my.ipleiria.pt) accessible through this link: webmail.my.ipleiria.pt
  • You have free Wi-Fi in all our schools, residences, canteens and spaces of the Polytechnic of Leiria. Discover how you can set up your Wi-fi or email contacting the informatics services: dsi@ipleiria.pt
  • You can use any of the 5 canteens and 8 bars located in the different campus. If you buy previously a meal ticket, it will cost you 2,65 €.
  • Through our services, you can search information about scholarships and social support  and also have access to medical services at low cost prices and to sports modalities.  
  • With your student card, you can have discounts, for instance in bookstores, restaurants, gymnasiums, among others.  Check them here.
  • Accessing to Moodle: ead.ipleiria.pt, you can find information about your curricular units and materials given by your teachers.
  • In our libraries you will find books and others resources. They are a good place to study too or participate in an event.
  • To obtain orientation and social, personal or psychological support, you can go to SAPE (Student Support Service) or contact them by email: sape@ipleiria.pt

:: Social Services :: 

The Social Services are a functional unit of the Polytechnic of Leiria which is endowed of administrative and financial autonomy.

These services give direct social support  (scholarships and emergency aids) and also indirect (food, accommodation, health services, cultural and sport activities, as well as educational support to academic music and theatre groups, cultural events productions, integration and students associations activities, among others), just as other social benefits.

It is equally given suitable support to students with special educational needs.

Our mission is to promote equal opportunities, the well-being and the scholar success of the academic community of Polytechnic of Leiria.